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Good to know

How can I register?

You can always register by phone or online (until the evening before) when the hut is guarded.

When the hut is closed, you can reach us at info@bordierhuette.com.

What has to be considered in case of a deregistration/cancellation?

This is ONLY possible by telephone and until the evening before (AGB’s).

What to do if you are allergic, vegetarian, etc.?

Please report them to us at the time of registration.

Are there packed lunches?

Packed lunches are available upon advance reservation.

Is there marching tea?

March tea is included in the half board (1 liter/person) and is available on request for CHF 5.-/person.

When are the meal times?

Breakfast at 02:00, at 04:00 or at 08:00

Dinner at 18:30

Sleeping place equipment

Pillows, comforters and blankets are available.

Silk sleeping bag is recommended!

All 2-3 sleeping places are divided by partitions.

When is night rest?


Are hut finches available?

Cottage finches are available in different sizes.

Is there electricity?

Yes, we have solar power and provide cell phone charging.

Does it have running water?

It has a well with glacier water (not drinking water!)

What are the payment options?

-cash in CHF or Euro

-with credit card (XX…)

-on account

Do you have gift certificates?

We issue gift vouchers on request.

Can I take my dog with me?

Dogs are welcome, but ONLY by appointment.

Bivouac room

The bivouac room, equipped with a small table and bench, has 9 sleeping places (blankets and pillows provided). There is no water, no wood and no cooking facilities.